XG Sciences and POSCO To Profit From Air Force Contract For Graphene Capacitors.

XG Sciences, a privately owned corporation based in Michigan, has announced it has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop ultra high-energy graphene ultracapacitors for use in space energy storage systems. XGSs’ graphene-based energy storage materials have demonstrated significant increases in storage capacity over traditional activated carbon and are manufactured in a commercially-proven, environmentally friendly, low-cost process.

“Our Air Force contract will target development of ultracapacitors capable of delivering the high specific energy necessary for advanced space applications,” said Rob Privette, VP Energy Markets. “Our graphene-based energy storage materials deliver significant improvements over traditional carbon charge storage materials due to their highly accessible surface area, low resistance current carrying capability, and tailorable particle size. We believe that this research will also help advance the state-of-the-art in ultracapacitors for automotive and industrial applications.”


The project is supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory under Contract No. FA9453-12-M-0032.

XG Sciences’ graphene nanoplatelets can be formulated into electrodes, inks, and pastes for fabrication of electrodes with high charge storage and superior current carrying characteristics for ultracapacitors, batteries, and fuel cells. XG Sciences Inc. is a leading supplier of xGnP ® graphene nanoplatelets, as well as energy storage electrode materials, electrically and thermally conductive inks, powders and dispersions, and high strength additives for lightweight composites. With international licensees including POSCO and Cabot Corporation, and a worldwide distributor organization, XG Sciences offers bulk materials or custom graphene-based products to nearly 500 customers around the world.

POSCO, (KRX: 005490, NYSE: PKX, TYO: 5412, LSE: PIDD), the South Korean steel producer and one of the largest in the world, owns a 20% in XG Sciences. In addition to steel, POSCO operates a worldwide network of subsidiaries in energy, construction, logistics, mining and materials markets. POSCO was recently named the most admired company in its category in the annual FORTUNE survey.


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