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Where, Oh Where, Is Samsung’s Galaxy Skin?

Samsung, (KOSPI: 005930) the world’s biggest smartphone maker, is to unveil its latest incarnation of the Galaxy on May 3rd at a launch in London. The press invites, with the tagline, “Come and meet the next Galaxy,” do not confirm the actual name of the phone but speculation abounds that the latest generation of smartphone will be the… Galaxy S3. All those expecting arrival of the Galaxy Skin may have to wait a while longer despite Samsung’s promise of indestructible flexible screens by Spring 2012.

It is thought the Galaxy S3 will deliver a whole array of upgrades on the older S2 version, not least of which will be the Exynos 4412 Quad Core Processor, giving an increased battery life of up to 50%. The Exynos 4412 features four Cortex A9 cores and is built on a 32 nanometer (nm) scale. And if an increase in battery life isn’t enough for you then there also remains the possibility of inductive charging, a system where your phone can be charged without being plugged in. Think WiFi in a coffee shop with the possibility of your phone being charged whilst you drink.

However, the screen is what it is all about in terms of graphene smartphone technology and, in a piece of expert marketing, Samsung whetted our appetites last year with mention of a foldable screen for release in the second quarter of 2012. Whether this latest product will feature such a screen remains open to speculation, but in all likelihood I would suggest that the scalability of the technology is not yet sufficiently developed.

The Galaxy Skin screen that all are awaiting is the brainchild of Hye Yeon and Professor Haeseong J. Jee and was first seen at Hongik University in South Korea, on June 10 2011. Samsung has entered into a joint venture  with Ube Kosan (TSEi: 4208) to develop and produce polyimide resin substrates for the new flexible screen.

The screens where also exhibited at the  Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas, where Samsung presented the AMOLED displays which are bendable and durable. The screens are so resilient that they have been shown to withstand repeated hits with a hammer.

It may be that the Galaxy Skin will be unveiled on may 3rd and available in the shops soon afterwards. It’s a very closely guarded secret but it could be that we will soon know just how close graphene products are to the highstreet.

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