Research and development awards 2012

Vorbeck Wins “Oscar of Innovation”

Vorbeck Materials, in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) and Princeton University, was recognized today by R&D Magazine for developing one of the 100 most significant scientific and technological products or advances of the year.

 Vorbeck Leading The Way

The R&D 100 Award recognizes Vorbeck’s breakthrough work with PNNL and Princeton to commercialize graphene technology, which will enable greater use of electric vehicles and faster charging consumer electronics.

In collaboration with Professor Ilhan Aksay at Princeton University, PNNL has demonstrated that small quantities of Vor-x™, Vorbeck’s unique graphene material, can dramatically improve the performance and power of lithium-ion batteries. The pioneering work will enable the development of batteries that last longer and recharge quickly, drastically reducing the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle to just a few hours and allowing smartphones to charge in as little as ten minutes. Lithium-ion batteries are also used to power laptops, power tools and other electronic devices.

Vorbeck is working to bring this new technology to market for use in consumer electronic devices, tools, and electric vehicles. Vorbeck is also partnering with Hardwire LLC of Maryland to integrate the new batteries into hybrid military vehicles.

The R&D 100 Awards, sometimes referred to as the “Oscars of Innovation”, have long been a benchmark of excellence in technological innovation. Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards have identified revolutionary technologies, many of which later became household names including the automated teller machine (1973), the fax machine (1975), the Kodak Photo CD (1991), the Nicoderm anti-smoking patch (1992), and HDTV (1998). A full list of this year’s winners is available

Vorbeck and its partners will be honored at annual R&D 100 Awards ceremony in Orlando Nov. 1.


Back in February the company was also awarded the US Department of Energy Award that named them as America’s Next Top Energy Innovator. Both awards relate to the same advances in technology but the company is positioning itself at the cutting edge of a number of other applications too.

Vorbeck has developed Vor-x products to meet real-world industrial challenges. Vor-ink formulations harness the exceptional conductivity of graphene in ultra-flexible and robust inks and coatings for the printed electronics market. In energyapplications, Vor-x delivers demonstrable performance gains by breaking traditional technology trade-offs. Plastic and rubber composites with low Vor-x loadings attain extreme levels of strength, dimensional stability, conductivity, and environmental resistance, thereby enabling new applications and design possibilities. Vor-x’s broad applicability and direct adoption path has attracted significant commercial interest.

Our experienced staff works with industry partners in the communications, energy, materials, and transportation industries to jointly develop new products using Vorbeck’s unique technologies. We embrace new product opportunities and welcome innovative development partners with targeted application needs. Vorbeck is actively cultivating relationships with strategic partners/investors positioned to harness the more than $10 billion market opportunity of this platform technology.

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