Vittoria at Taipei Cycle Show 2015

Vittoria, the Italian bicycle tyre company, participated in the Taipei international cycle show, displaying its latest MTB tires and Graphene (G+) enhanced carbon fiber rims, which were introduced to the market last fall.The show is renowned for the presence of many premium brands in regard to (electric) bicycles, wheels, accessories, transmission parts and much more.

The event is considered to be the largest bike exhibition in Asia, it truly stimulates the continuous technological development of bicycles. With innovation driving the cycling industry, companies are given the opportunity to display their latest prototypes. The show acts as a prime example of the growing interest for cycling in Asia, encouraging both buyers and sellers from the cycling industry to interact.

The Vittoria booth, located in the Pavilion area, attracted many visitors from different countries who were curious to understand more about the differences amongst Vittoria wheels and tires.

What is Graphene (G+)?
The purest form of Graphene that Vittoria uses is 200 times stronger than steel and 6 times more flexible. It conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency.

The future of race wheels – Vittoria Qurano
The first wheel in the world to benefit from Graphene-enhanced full-carbon rims. Graphene enhances the properties of carbon and allows Vittoria to achieve a much-improved performance of this material.

What are the benefits of applying Graphene to the rim’s carbon fiber?
– 50% Increase of the wheel rim’s lateral stiffness
– Up to 30% improvement of standard carbon properties
– 20% Strength increase of the spoke holes
– 15 to 30°C Temperature reduction of the rim during breaking

* Graphene Plus (G+) is a registered trademark of our technology partner Directa Plus Ltd.

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