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The Global Market for Nanomaterials 2002-2016

If you want to find out about the future market for nanomaterials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and nanofibers a good place to start your enquiry is the catchily titled The Global Market for Nanomaterials 2002-2016.  The latest report from Future Markets Inc. is the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the nanomaterials market, and has the kind of authority that means it will will greatly impact all industries in the coming years.

The report details how the growth of nanomaterials has seen the worldwide production increase by 1000% in the past nine years. A conservative estimate of 230,000 tons worth of worldwide production in 2011 is set to increase by a further 120,000 before the year 2016. The oft cited demand within the electronics, energy, medicine, chemicals, coatings and catalyst markets are anticipated to be the main drivers of this increase.

The report includes a detailed analysis of the graphene market place and includes a lengthy section on producers and market forecasts through to 2016.  In addition the whole array of nanomaterials are analysed with respect to applications, market segmentation and production volumes.


– Comprehensive quantitative data and forecasts for the global nanomaterials markets from 2002 to 2016
– Market growth forecasts
– Regulatory guidelines for nanomaterials
– Qualitative insight and perspective on the current market and future trends in end user markets based on interviews with key executives
– End user market analysis
– Over 150 tables and figures illustrating market size by volume, revenues and by end user demand
– Over 400 full company profiles of nanomaterials producers including technology descriptions, revenues, contact details, and end user markets for their products


– Advanced materials producers, application developers; sales and marketing departments
Corporate strategists and policy advisors
Technology consultants and analysts, venture capitalists, and readers interested in the advanced materials market
– New technology teams and application developers in the aerospace and aviation; automotive; consumer goods; electronics and semiconductors; energy; environment and water; materials; medical and bio; military and defense; and packaging and plastics markets.

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