Vorbeck Materials secures investment.

Vorbeck materials has secured investments totalling $10 million in the latest round of a fully subscribed series three funding, proving that the company’s innovations in the graphene marketplace continue to impress. Three investors, Black Powder, LLC and Fairbridge Venture Partners, LP proved dominant in the latest approach for funds, which included 15 additional investors.

The investments will enable Vorbeck to continue its work on new materials technology and should hopefully lead to the development of some inspired design ideas. The company is currently a leader in the manufacture of single sheet graphene and the first company in the world with graphene-based products in the market. As such Vorbeck can be said to be not only the market leader but the whole graphene product market entire. With the additional distinction of being the only company to have received EPA approval for the commercial production and sale of graphene-based products it will be some time before those companies that are following Vorbeck’s lead ever catch up.

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Graphene brain implants.

A team of researchers from Technische Universität München (TUM) and the Jülich Research Center published results in the journal Advanced Materials that demonstrated work on a graphene-based transistor array that is capable of recording the electrical signals of the living biological cells on which it is placed. According to a statement, so-called bioelectronic applications have been proposed that would place sensors and, in some cases, actuators inside a person’s brain, eye, or ear to help compensate for neural damage.

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F1000 Dec 4th

Another week has gone by and so it’s time to reassess the investments in graphene and diamond that were made at the outset of this blog. I say outset, but in effect the blog has only been running for the past two weeks so lets cut to the chase and see how a grands worth of shares have faired in the last fortnight.

Starting with Paragon Diamonds, 3478 shares were purchased in the hope that an increase in the price of diamond would prove graphene’s elder sister is still a commodity worth investing. After two weeks of very sluggish action the price is now 26.75p per share. An investment of £1000 has been mercilessly reduced to just £930, a further £30 loss on last week and not looking good for Christmas and the New Year.

But did graphene’s champion share CVD Equipment Corporation fare any better. An initial outlay of $1000 purchased 61 shares two weeks ago, and at a selling price of $14.49 the investment continues to plummet. Now worth $884 the shares have lost over one tenth of their value.

With CVD breaking through the lower Bollinger band I would expect the market to enact some kind of rebound upwards, and with the 3 month high at somewhere in the region of $18.50 I’m hoping for a complete turnaround. Let’s face it if the share price goes any further south I’ll be swimming with penguins.

The Graphene Revolution.


How soon will the graphene revolution begin? How soon is now.

The graphene revolution has the potential to mimic the revolutions of previous decades and centuries; and if it does speculation in emerging companies will be considered prescient and well judged investments. One prominent economist, Norm Poire, who has studied the pattern of market innovations argues that major innovations drive the economy in an almost reglar pattern; 28 years of nascent emerging, followed by 56 years of rapid growth, and then 28 years of deceleration until 112 years after conception the innovation grows in line with population. If graphene follows this pattern it will be repeating the market trajectories of the textiles industry, the railways, automobiles and computers.

With graphene having been discovered in 2004 we are still in the earliest phase of the cycle, much is yet to come and the real price increases are still many years away if this model is accurate. However, as shown later, the stock price chart for CVD Equipment suggests that even the early stages of growth of an investment in graphene promises a fair degree of excitement, if not paroxysms of unexpurgated joy.

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Graphene foam detects explosives.

The latest piece of research conducted by  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute demonstrates the potentially life saving advances that investing in graphene may bring to the security and law enforcement sector. Reports that graphene foam outperforms the best, commercially available, gas sensors in the detection of dangerous and explosive chemicals add further support to the notion that its use in sensors will be one of the market areas in which it comes to dominate. The discovery paves the way for a whole range of improvements in the equipment used by bomb squads, law enforcement officials, defense organizations, and in various industrial settings.

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