3D White Graphene Will Cool Electronics Better

White Graphene Electronics CoolingTwo Rice University researchers, Rouzbeh Shahsavari and Navid Sakhavand have submitted initial theoretical data on how 3D boron nitride (white graphene) can be utilized to regulate heat flow in small electronics.

The ultimate goal of their research is to improve cooling and airflow of heat in smaller electronic devises.

Shahsavari states, “Typically in all electronics, it is highly desired to get heat out of the system as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he further elaborated on why an improvement on current and old cooling methods is required, “when you have layered materials on a substrate … heat moves very quickly in one direction, along a conductive plane, but not so good from layer to layer.” 

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Startup Graphene and Nano Tech Company – Xefro Graphene Based Heat

U.K. startup graphene company Xefro has developed a graphene-based heating system that could potentially cut down on your energy costs by almost 70%, according to IEEE Spectrum. Xefro claims that the gRAD product is the only graphene based heating element in the industry. The benefits of this gRAD heating element are its ability to switch on and off faster than conventional elements, along with is targeted infrared heating, which limits dangerous heat and wasted energy.

The gRAD graphene heating element appears to be a wall mounted sheet of carbon fiber with a graphene printed infrared element and vertical tube array. Finishes come in carbon fiber or gloss. The graphene heating element projects directed infrared heat into the room.

Xefro Graphene Company Snapshot

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F1000 Jan 29th 2012

share price rise

Time for the latest update on the fortunes of the two companies randomly selected at the end of 2011 as part of a graphene stocks and shares comparison with diamond.

In one corner we have CVD Equipment a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing both standard and custom state-of-the-art equipment and process solutions used to develop and manufacture advanced solar, nano electronic components, materials and coatings for research and industrial applications. The company offers a broad range of chemical vapor deposition, gas control and other equipment that is used by our customers to research, design and manufacture semiconductors, solar cells, smart glass, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, LEDs, MEMS and industrial coatings, as well as equipment for surface mounting of components onto printed circuit boards. Graphene is at the heart of the company which is trailblazing its way in the nanotechnology market place.

61 shares were purchased at the beginning of the comparison for a total cost of $1000, the same shares are now trading at $13.42 and have a total value of $818.62. Although a clear loss of value CVD have actually been gaining in value recently following a low of $10.43 at the start of the year. If the steady rise since then continues it won’t be long before these start to show a profit.

To represent carbon’s old head of the family we chose a company called Paragon Diamond. On the back of some excellent results regarding the potential diamond find at the Motete mining region, Paragon has seen their share price rise considerably during the first month of the year.

3478 Paragon shares purchased last year for a cost of £1000 now have a trading price of 31p, giving the shares a total value of £1078.13.

With both companies share prices moving in the same direction it will be interesting to see over the coming months which one will win out.

F1000 Dec 18th

Two weeks have passed since I last looked at the fantasy investments in graphene and diamond. For those that don’t remember or weren’t paying attention, an imaginary sum of £1000 and $1000 was invested in two companies, Paragon Diamonds and CVD equipment. Both had shown sizeable loses in the first two weeks causing me to prophecy that a rebound in share price was on the way. The global markets have been hit hard in the intervening weeks, with Europe on the brink of collapse, but how have the new tech and its elder sister fared?

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Vorbeck Materials secures investment.

Vorbeck materials has secured investments totalling $10 million in the latest round of a fully subscribed series three funding, proving that the company’s innovations in the graphene marketplace continue to impress. Three investors, Black Powder, LLC and Fairbridge Venture Partners, LP proved dominant in the latest approach for funds, which included 15 additional investors.

The investments will enable Vorbeck to continue its work on new materials technology and should hopefully lead to the development of some inspired design ideas. The company is currently a leader in the manufacture of single sheet graphene and the first company in the world with graphene-based products in the market. As such Vorbeck can be said to be not only the market leader but the whole graphene product market entire. With the additional distinction of being the only company to have received EPA approval for the commercial production and sale of graphene-based products it will be some time before those companies that are following Vorbeck’s lead ever catch up.

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