Graphene 3D Lab (TSX-V:GGG) Files Full Patent on Graphene Manufacturing Process

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (TSX-V: GGG, OTCQB: GPHBF) (“Graphene 3D”) is pleased to announce the filing of a non-provisional patent pertaining to the preparation and separation of atomic layers of graphene. This technological breakthrough represents a new, energy efficient process to manufacture, sort and classify graphene nanoparticles resulting in the potential for large scale production of high grade graphene. This patent relates to graphene nanoplatelets (GNP). Specifically the patent covers a new, energy efficient, non chemically invasive, process that significantly lowers the cost of preparing and separating high quality, low atomic layers of GNP. The application claims priority to provisional application No. 62/058,313, filed on Oct. 1, 2014 by Graphene Laboratories and will be assigned to Graphene 3D as part of the merger announced on August 12, 2015.

“The business implications associated with this filing are significant and near term. The extraordinary qualities of graphene has positioned it as one of the most sought after materials in research and development since its discovery in 2004,” said Elena Polyakova, Co-Chief Executive Officer. “However up to now, the high-cost of quality material has generally restricted its use to R&D labs. We are changing that and look forward to offering these benefits to our client base and to others who will now utilize graphene into mainstream manufacturing”.

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List of Australian Graphene Producers and What to Avoid

You are probably already aware that graphene production is highly expensive. The future of graphene and all of its applications hinges on commercialization which centres on mass production. The graphene company that is able to make large amounts of graphene in an economically viable way will win the contest.

Every week it seems there are major developments and announcements about new proprietary production methods. But there may be some marketing trickery, and deliberate vagueness when it comes to these “breakthroughs.”

If you are interested in investing in graphene, more specifically investing in graphene stocks involved in production, then it is imperative that you pay attention to the significance of the company’s claims.

Do not fall victim to extravagant claims. Claims by graphene companies are not necessarily regulated as in the case of pharmaceuticals for example. There seems to be no standard list of attributes the industry goes by, especially with regards to the stability and quality of the graphene.

Here is a list of some graphene producing companies that are listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX). Visit the Ultimate Graphene Company List for over 150 graphene stocks and graphene companies.

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List of Graphene Companies

The Ultimate Graphene Company List

This is a directory of 150 graphene stocks and related graphene companies. The list includes graphene company name, graphene stock symbol, graphene category (see below), location, and year established. You can sort by any of the fields and also show as many rows per page as you choose. If you see any incorrect information, or would like anything added please comment! I will continue to update the list, and also add links to more information for each company.

Search for a graphene company to invest in by using the Graphene Company Directory:


Graphene Company NameStock SymbolExchangeCategoryCountryYear Est.
Valance IndustriesVXLASXGraphene RelatedAustralia
VersarienVRSLONProductionUnited Kingdom2011
VeecoVECONASDAQProduction EquipmentUnited States1945
Sunvault EnergySVLTBBApplication Canada2010
SanDiskSNDKNASDAQGraphene RelatedUnited States1998
Strategic Energy ResourcesSERASXGraphene RelatedAustralia
SAAB GroupSAAB BOMXApplicationSweden1937
Oxford InstrumentsOXIGFTSEGraphene RelatedUnited Kingdom1959
NokiaNOK1VHELGraphene RelatedFinland1865
Northern GraphiteNGCTSX.VGraphite MiningCanada2002
Lockheed Martin CorporationLMTNYSEGraphene RelatedUnited States1995
Lomiko MetalsLMRTSX.VGraphite MiningCanada1989
Mason GraphiteLLGTSX.VGraphite MiningCanada
IntelINTCNASDAQGraphene RelatedUnited States1968
IBMIBMNYSEGraphene RelatedUnited States1911
HaydaleHAYDAIMProductionUnited Kingdom
GrafTechGTINYSEGraphene RelatedUnited States1886
Graphene NanochemGRPHAIMApplication United Kingdom
Graphene 3D LabGGGTSXProductionCanada2013
Focus GraphiteFCSMFTSXGraphite MiningCanada1998
Graphene CorporationERATSX.VProductionCanada
CVD Equipment Corp.CVVNASDAQProduction EquipmentUnited States1982
CientificaCTFAAIMApplication United Kingdom2013
Carbon Graphite GroupCHGINASDAQGraphite MiningChina
Carbon SciencesCABNNASDAQProductionUnited States2006
Bora Bora ResourcesBBRASXGraphite MiningAustralia
Alabama GraphiteALPTSX.VGraphite MiningCanada
AixtronAIXGNASDAQProduction EquipmentGermany1983
American Graphite TechnologiesAGINNASDAQGraphite MiningUnited States
Sony6758TYOGraphene RelatedJapan1946
LG066570KRXGraphene RelatedSouth Korea1958
Samsung005930KRXGraphene RelatedSouth Korea1938
CalBatteryApplication United States
CaleviaApplication Canada2013
Cambridge Graphene PlatformGraphene RelatedUnited Kingdom2013
Cambridge NanosystemsProduction
The Sixth Element MaterialsProductionChina
Carbon Nano-Material TechnologyProductionSouth Korea
Talga ResourcesGraphite MiningAustralia
China carbon Graphite GroupGraphite MiningChina
Solan CorpApplication United States
CrayoNanoGraphene RelatedNorway
CTDATGraphene RelatedMexico2014
CTI NanotechnologiesProduction
CVD Materials CorporationProduction
Deyang CarboneneProduction
Directa PlusProductionItaly2005
DrMProduction EquipmentSwitzerland
Felda Global VenturesProductionMalaysia2007
Firmus SAMApplication Monaco
Future CarbonGraphene RelatedGermany
Future TechnologiesProductionUnited Kingdom2013
GarmorProductionUnited States
GnanomatGraphene RelatedSpain
Grafen Chemical IndustriesProductionTurkey2004
GRAnPH NanotechProductionSpain
Skeleton TechnologiesApplication
Graphene BatteriesApplication Norway
SiNode SystemsApplication United States2013
Graphene Devices ProductionUnited States2009
Graphene EnergyApplication
Graphene ESDApplication United States2014
Graphene FrontiersProductionUnited States2011
Graphene IndustriesProductionUnited Kingdom2007
Graphene LaboratoriesProduction
Graphene Leaders CanadaSupplierCanada
Shanghai SIMBATT Energy TechnologyProductionChina
Graphene NanotechApplication Spain
Graphene Platform Corp.ProductionJapan2000
Graphene Sensors Inc.Application Canada2011
2D Carbon TechProductionChina2011
Graphene SupermarketSupplier
Graphene TechnlogiesProductionUnited States2007
GraphenexApplication United Kingdom2014
Graphite ZeroProductionSingapore
Hangzhou GeLanFeng NanotechnologySupplierChina2011
Harbin Mulan Foreign Economic And TradeSupplierChina2000
Saint Jean CarbonGraphite MiningCanada
Incubation AllianceProductionJapan2007
RS MinesProduction
Redex Nano LabSupplierIndia2011
QuantumWiseGraphene Related
Mega GraphiteGraphite MiningCanada2009
MoorfieldProduction EquipmentUnited Kingdom2009
Morgan Advanced MaterialsProductionUnited Kingdom1856
mPhase TechnologiesApplication
MTI CorporationProduction EquipmentUnited States1994
Nanjing JCNanoSupplierChina2009
Nano CarbonProductionPoland2011
NanoCarbon Pty LimitedProductionAustralia2014
NanoInnova TechnologiesSupplierSpain
National Graphite CorporationGraphite MiningUnited States
National NanomaterialsProductionUnited States2010
Ningbo Morsh TechnologyProductionChina2012
Quantum SeedApplication United States2012
Oxford Advanced SurfacesGraphene RelatedUnited Kingdom
Perpetuus CarbonProductionUnited Kingdom2014
Perpetuus CarbonApplication United Kingdom
PicosunProduction EquipmentFinland2004
PlanarTechProduction EquipmentUnited States
Quantum Materials CorporationSupplierIndia
Qingdao Huagao Energy TechnologyProductionChina
Graphene SquareSupplierSouth Korea
XG SciencesProduction
XFNanoProductionUnited States
XEFROApplication 2011
HRL LaboratoriesGraphene RelatedUnited States
Wuxi Graphene FilmApplication China
Vulvox Nanobiotechnology CorporationApplication United States
Vorbeck MaterialsApplication United States
VG ScientaProduction Equipment
United Nanotech InnovationsProductionChina2009
Zyvex TechnologiesGraphene RelatedUnited States2007
TW Nano MaterialsSupplierUnited States
AbalonyxGraphene RelatedNorway2005
ACS MaterialProductionUnited States
AdNano TechnologySupplierInda
Advanced Graphene ProductsProduction
Thomas SwanProduction
AMO GmBHSupplier
Anderlab TechnologiesProductionIndia
Angstron MaterialsProductionUnited States
AnnealsysProduction Equipment
Apex GrapheneApplication United States2013
Applied Graphene MaterialsProduction2010
Archimedes Polymer TechnologiesGraphene RelatedGreece2008
Asbury CarbonsSupplierUnited States1895
Avansa Technology & ServicesGraphene Related
BASFGraphene RelatedGermany2008
BGT MaterialsProductionUnited Kingdom
Biogenic ReagentsGraphene Related
Bluevine Graphene IndustriesApplication United States2014
Theragnostic TechnologiesApplication United States2012
3D Graphtech IndustriesApplication 2014
PEN Inc.PENCOTCQBApplicationUnited States1985



Production: Graphene companies that directly produce graphene and other specialty nanotechnology materials

Application:  These are the graphene companies that are developing products that utilize graphene.

Graphite Mining: Mining companies sell graphite to graphene production and application companies. Graphite mining companies have major interests in the future of graphene.

Supplier: Graphene companies that focus on the supply of graphene and similar nanotechnology materials

Graphene Related: These could include investment firms with large interests in graphene, software companies, hardware for graphene production, or even patent holders and consulting


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Large- Scale Graphene Production vs. Useful Production

A research team at Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) claim to have created continuous sheets of graphene (1 layer thick) using the CVD process. They also claim to have been able to produce graphene fibers. You can read the research article here.

Though this type of production of graphene is actually not as rare as one might think. The real breakthroughs that graphene investors need to pay attention to is when useful graphene is created in a cost effective manner.

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Startup Graphene and Nano Tech Company – Xefro Graphene Based Heat

U.K. startup graphene company Xefro has developed a graphene-based heating system that could potentially cut down on your energy costs by almost 70%, according to IEEE Spectrum. Xefro claims that the gRAD product is the only graphene based heating element in the industry. The benefits of this gRAD heating element are its ability to switch on and off faster than conventional elements, along with is targeted infrared heating, which limits dangerous heat and wasted energy.

The gRAD graphene heating element appears to be a wall mounted sheet of carbon fiber with a graphene printed infrared element and vertical tube array. Finishes come in carbon fiber or gloss. The graphene heating element projects directed infrared heat into the room.

Xefro Graphene Company Snapshot

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