Graphene Conference 2012


Graphene 2012 International Conference is to be the largest European Event dedicated to the science of Graphene, and will be held in Brussels (Belgium) from 10th until 13th of April 2012. The event, organised by the quartet of the “Phantoms foundation,” “UCL,” “Institute Catalia de Nanotecnologia,” and “CNRS,” is to include a session on the Graphene Flagship Pilot Action which is working to establish the “Graphene Science and Technology Roadmap.” The roadmap, which will be presented to the European Commission and Member States, will hopefully demonstrate the need for long term funding and the support of the European governments. 

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Global Nanotechnology Market to Reach 30.4 Billion Dollars by 2015


Global Industry Analysts have recently announced the publication of their comprehensive global outlook on the nanotechnology market. Following on from last year’s global report on the Nanocomposites market, which forecast the industry to be worth 1.3 billion pounds by the year 2015, the latest report recognises how the nanotechnology market has managed to weather the storm of the economic downturn without erosion of value. Demand from the defence and pharma industries have helped to insulate the market from the worst of the recession and government support across the globe has been a primary source of market activity.

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Carbon nanotubes set to shake up smart window market

stained glass - smart windows

A new market research report prepared by NanoMarkets and published by Smart Window Markets – 2012 has earmarked carbon nanotubes as the most likely replacement for current smart window technology.

As reported here before, carbon nanotubes have featured in the story of graphene for some time. Essentially a rolled form of graphene, nanotubes are proving to be at the forefront of developments in many different market sectors, with uses as diverse as nanosized needles for medical use to super light but strong windmill blades. In this latest report carbon nanotube and silver nanostructure inks are suggested as a replacement for the currently dominant ITO technology.

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