Startup Graphene and Nano Tech Company – Xefro Graphene Based Heat

U.K. startup graphene company Xefro has developed a graphene-based heating system that could potentially cut down on your energy costs by almost 70%, according to IEEE Spectrum. Xefro claims that the gRAD product is the only graphene based heating element in the industry. The benefits of this gRAD heating element are its ability to switch on and off faster than conventional elements, along with is targeted infrared heating, which limits dangerous heat and wasted energy.

The gRAD graphene heating element appears to be a wall mounted sheet of carbon fiber with a graphene printed infrared element and vertical tube array. Finishes come in carbon fiber or gloss. The graphene heating element projects directed infrared heat into the room.

Xefro Graphene Company Snapshot

Xefro Graphene Technologies:

  • gRAD central heating system
    • Can be controlled via mobile applications for smartphone, tablets, and PC’s. Operating systems yet to be determined.
    • Behavior of the graphene heating element is learned via wifi link to the app.
    • Graphene heating system gRAD available July 2015 in the United Kingdom, with further expansion planned in 2015
    • No pricing information announced.
  • g2o hot water system
    • g2o uses graphene nano platelet based technology to produce energy efficient hot water. By increasing the area in contact with the hot water tank the energy requirement can be reduce by about 35%.

Xefro Business Model

Plans to compete in:

  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • UK & Europe
  • North America
  • Canada & United States
  • Middle East and North Africa

Sales Channels

  • Domestic properties
  • Commercial
  • Regional social landlords
  • Distributions
  • House developers
  • Student housing
  • Housing Associations

Business Units

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)

Tim Harper – Founder

Mike Drogan – Chairman

Martin Benson – Chief Innovations Officer

Andrew Greenway – Chief Financial Officer

Future plans: The gSERIES range and nano technology products

  • g2o Graphene water heater with added heat exchanger
  • gTHERM micro-sphere reflective insulation
  • gCOOL passive Air-Con
  • X series nano technology materials
Xefro Graphene and Nano Tech Product Expected Launch Date
g2o (Hot Water) April 2015
gRAD (Central Heating) April 2015
gCLUB (Energy Saving) April 2015
g2o+ (With Heat Exchanger) June 2015
gTHERM (Reflective Insulation) August 2015


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