Aixtron Results Reflect Global Downturn


Aixtron, the leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry and an important producer of the technology required in the manufacture of carbon nanotubes, nanofibers and graphene, has announced its first quarter results and forecast for 2012.

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New Nanomaterials Market Report Published

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To help the potential investor and commercial manager in their investigation of the nanopolymer marketplace a new report has been published that sheds light on this multi billion dollar industry.

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IBM Add Photonics Breakthrough To List Of Graphene Discoveries.


IBM (NYSE: IBM) has been active in the graphene field from the earliest days of its emergence as a material like no other. The first integrated circuit, showcased by the company at the end of 2011, has now been eclipsed by their development of the science of the material’s photonic properties.

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Single Atom Thick Silicon Marks The Arrival Of A New Nano Challenge To Graphene.

View full-size image Image of the two-dimensional honeycomb structure of silicene as captured by a scanning tunneling microscope. Credit: Patrick Vogt/TU Berlin Rights Information

(ISNS) — Since its discovery in 2004, graphene — sheets of carbon an atom thick — has sparked a flurry of research into the nanomaterial’s potential applications for blazing fast, tiny electronics. Now, several research groups claim to have created analogous thin sheets of silicon called silicene, igniting a controversy over who won the race to synthesize this promising new material.

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Graphene Monoxide Shown To Possess Semi-Conducting Properties.


Scientists and engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) have discovered an entirely new carbon-based material that is synthesized from the “wonder kid” of the carbon family, graphene. The discovery, which the researchers are calling “graphene monoxide (GMO),” pushes carbon materials closer to ushering in next-generation electronics.

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