Graphene and the “European Paradox”


An article published today in the Financial Times sorely laments the lack of funding in the development of graphene in Europe and the failure of companies to invest in taking the material out of the university and into industry.

The article raises a number of important questions associated with the future control of graphene technologies. It points out the uncomfortable fact that the UK and Europe lead the world in the publication of academic papers but fall considerably far behind the rest of the world when it comes to patents.

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Graphene Hot Electron Bolometer Peers Into Universe


UMD Scientists Create Faster, More Sensitive Photodetector by Tricking Graphene


Graphene Hot Electron Bolometer innovation promises better biochemical weapons detection and body scanners, and new instruments for studying dark energy & the structure of the universe.

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Graphene Wheel Takes Downhill Prize


For anyone doubting the durability of graphene and carbon nanotube technology perhaps the collaboration between Zyvex Technologies and ENVE Composites will convince you to think again.

The two companies have been working jointly on producing a bicycle wheel rim specifically designed to withstand the rigours of downhill mountain biking. The resulting wheel, which employs Zyvex’s branded CNT and graphene composite material to achieve its incredible strength, gains its durability from the company’s proprietary Kentera technology which cleverly enables the creation of chemical bonding on the side of the carbon nanotubes.

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Q&A with Dr. Gordon Chiu, Vice President and Co-Founder, Grafoid Inc.

Gordon Chiu (head and shoulders)

Invest in Graphene featured a newsletter with Dr. Chiu that is now available to all readers of the website.


Thank you for agreeing to engage in a Q&A with Dr. Chiu, it’s a real coup for us to have someone at the very heart of graphene science and industry feature on the site. With a reputation for being an “execution-driven businessman” and holding a slew of qualifications in chemistry and medicine I imagine you will be able to clarify much about the science of graphene whilst giving some real insight into the financial opportunity that graphene presents.

Q1. Graphene is often described as a “wonder material” with the potential to change the world. Ballistic conductance, zero band gap and incredible strength are all frequently cited as being the defining features of graphene but what properties of graphene do you consider to be the most scientifically interesting and what products will be developed as a result of them?

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New Graphene Photodetector Only One Billion Times Better.

graphene photodetector one billion

There may be an element of ludic absurdity in the science of graphene that is at first only partially sensed but which finally breaks through with the force of a giant fireball fiercely burning one hundred and fifty million kilometres above our heads.

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