Next Generation LFP-Graphene Batteries The Latest Development At Grafoid


OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Nov. 26, 2012) – Grafoid Inc., a privately owned graphene development company announced today the signing of the three-year research and development agreement with Hydro-Québec’s Research Institute for the development of next generation rechargeable batteries using graphene with lithium iron phosphate materials.

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Focus Graphite Announces Lac Knife Financials


Focus Graphite, the Canadian company with the world’s highest grade deposit of graphite in its grasp, and a major investor in the development of graphene by exfoliation, has recently announced the results of a preliminary economic assessment of its Lac Knife Graphite project. The assessment suggests an exciting time of growth can be anticipated in relation to this world class business and it therefore remains my opinion that graphene investors would be hard pressed to find a more attractive proposition.

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Semiconductor Nanowires Grown On Graphene


CrayoNano introduces GaAs nanowires on graphene, a patented hybrid material with competitive properties. Semiconductors grown on graphene are expected to become the basis for new types of device systems, and ultimately change the semiconductor industry.

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DNA Sequencing With Graphene Holes

dna graphene

Less costly ways of seqequencing DNA could open new possibilities for disease prevention.

Engineers at the University of Texas at Dallas have used advanced techniques to make the material graphene small enough to read DNA by shrinking the size of a graphene pore to less than one nanometer — opening the possibility of using graphene as a low-cost tool to sequence DNA.

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