Artificial retina made from biocompatible graphene

Physicists at Technische Universität München (TUM) are using graphene to produce key elements of an artificial retina.

Graphene is thin, transparent and has a tensile strength greater than that of steel. In addition, it is a better conductor of electricity compared to copper; and, since it comprises a single layer of carbon atoms, it is considered two-dimensional.

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Focus Graphite’s Lac Knife Project’s Benchmark Feasibility Study Reports

Highlights: $383 million NPV; 30.1% IRR; operating costs of $441 per tonne

OTTAWA, Ontario (June 25th, 2014) – Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V:FMS; OTCQX:FCSMF; FRANKFURT:FKC) (“Focus” or the “Company”) is pleased to report the results of its Feasibility Study (“FS”) for the Lac Knife Project performed by Met-Chem Canada Inc.

The study was based on a 25-year mine life that produced a Pre-tax Net Present Value (“NPV”) of $383 million calculated at a discounted cash flow (“DCF”) rate of 8% Pre-tax, the financial model has an Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) of 30.1% and a capital payback period of 3.0 years.

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Zyvex Technologies Joins OCSiAl to Create World’s Largest Nanotechnology Company

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — OCSiAl, the leading technology manufacturer for the mass industrial production of graphene tubes, announced today at a press conference at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference that it has acquired Zyvex Technologies, making the combined venture the largest nanotechnology company in the world.

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Grafoid announces agreement to acquire advanced materials technology group ALCERECO Inc. of Kingston, Ontario

OTTAWA (June 9, 2014) — Grafoid Inc. is pleased to announce it has reached agreement in principle (the “Agreement”) for the acquisition of ALCERECO Inc. (“ALCERECO” or the “Acquisition”). ALCERECO Inc. is a global technology leader in advanced composite materials, alloys and coatings focused on the development, testing and production of advanced materials.

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