List of Australian Graphene Producers and What to Avoid

You are probably already aware that graphene production is highly expensive. The future of graphene and all of its applications hinges on commercialization which centres on mass production. The graphene company that is able to make large amounts of graphene in an economically viable way will win the contest.

Every week it seems there are major developments and announcements about new proprietary production methods. But there may be some marketing trickery, and deliberate vagueness when it comes to these “breakthroughs.”

If you are interested in investing in graphene, more specifically investing in graphene stocks involved in production, then it is imperative that you pay attention to the significance of the company’s claims.

Do not fall victim to extravagant claims. Claims by graphene companies are not necessarily regulated as in the case of pharmaceuticals for example. There seems to be no standard list of attributes the industry goes by, especially with regards to the stability and quality of the graphene.

Here is a list of some graphene producing companies that are listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX). Visit the Ultimate Graphene Company List for over 150 graphene stocks and graphene companies.

MRL Corporation (MRF)

This entity has intentions to mine in Sri Lanka. Their manufacturing method is described as a process of “electrochemical exfoliation.”

Strategic Energy Resources (SER)

Strategic Energy is planning on opening a new plant in Victoria (Aus.) or Southern Australia under the spinoff company called Iconic. Iconic is focused on developing its patent product called SuperSand. This substance is a graphene oxide (composed of very little graphene) which can be used to treat water by removing contaminants. In the past Strategic also spun off Valance Industries (VXL) which owns graphite mining assets in Southern Australia.

Talga Resources (TLG)

This company owns five graphite assets in Sweden. They are also going to commission a new plant in Germany. Talga employs low chemical and “low impact physio-chemical techniques’’ to produce graphene.

Metals of Africa (MTA)

This company has reported to be able to produce a graphene like synthetic which is supposed to be comparable to synthetically derived graphene. Production of this substance takes place at their Montepuez Central Project in Mozambique.

Syrah Resources (SYR)

Syrah is a very large graphite mining company seeking to cash in on graphene. Recently the company has managed to raise $211 million through rights offerings. It should be noted that indirectly investing in graphene by investing in graphite companies can be risky, as there may be a looming “graphite glut” as miners flood the market hoping to jump on the graphene wagon. That’s not to say graphite has many useful and already viable applications such as in the production of batteries.

Lanka Graphite (LGR)

This company is very small in comparison to Syrah, only recently listing on the ASX and raising an estimated $3.8 million. Sri Lanka has a long history of graphite mining, and Lanka Graphite intends to re-claim old sites.


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