Aixtron SE (XETRA: AIXA)

AIXTRON SE is one of those rare companies in the graphene field that has a strong reputation and several years experience, a diverse range of products and a share price that makes entry into the company relatively inexpensive. A global lead provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, the company’s technology solutions are utilized by a wide range of customers worldwide. Providing products needed to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications (photonic) based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials and more recently carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene and other nanomaterials the company’s share price has been hit by the global recession but recovery may be on the horizon with increased interest in graphene production. AIXTRON SE’s securities are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and, in form of American Depositary Shares (ADS), on the Global Market of the NASDAQ Stock Market, and are included in the TecDAX index, the NASDAQ Composite Index, the MSCI World Small Cap Index, the Nature Stock Index (NAI) and the Dow Jones Stoxx 600.  Founded in 1983, the Company is headquartered in Herzogenrath, Germany.

The company has recently announced that Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has procured an AIXTRON 2-inch Black Magic PECVD system. NTU researchers will be using the system for the preparation of carbon nanotubes (CNT) and graphene for high frequency electronic devices. The turnkey system was installed and commissioned by the local AIXTRON service and support team in the Nanoelectronics Laboratory, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU. Professor Beng Kang Tay, lead scientist within the project, speaking of the acquisition, has said,

Our new project involves the research and development of new types of materials for high frequency electronics. In particular, we plan to develop new interconnect and similar technologies for these devices using structures based on CNT, graphene and other carbon materials. These unique functional materials have great promise for the manufacture of RF electronic devices for advanced communications and networks. As our work primarily focuses on the development of latest applications and devices, we needed a system that is flexible, reliable and ergonomic, whilst providing simultaneously highest quality reproducible thin films. Our stringent requirements stem from the fact that our work demands the highest quality films 100% of the time. The world-class Black Magic system meets all these criteria and more.

Aixtron SE: Key Data (Feb 2012)

  • Subscribed capital:
    EUR 101,789,527
  • Shares outstanding:
    101,789,527 ordinary (non-par-value) shares
  • Freefloat:
  • Stock exchange listing:
    Deutsche Börse: Prime Standard/Geregelter Markt;
    NASDAQ: NASDAQ Global Market
  • Index membership:
    CDAX, HDAX, DAX100, TecDAX, German Midcap Market Index, German Prime All Share Index, German Prime Technology Index, German Technology All Share Index, NASDAQ Composite Index, NASDAQ Computer Index, Bank of New York Europe ADR Index, MSCI World Small Cap Index, Nature Stock Index (NAI), Dow Jones Stoxx 600
  • Stock identification number:
    ISIN: DE000A0WMPJ6
  • Security codes:
    Reuters: AIXGn.DE
    Bloomberg: AIXA GR
  • Designated sponsors (market makers):
    Deutsche Bank AG, equinet Bank AG
  • Trading platforms:
    Germany: XETRA, Frankfurt, Berlin-Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, München, Stuttgart
    USA: NASDAQ Global MarketTM

Aixtron SE can be held and traded in America as an ADR. American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are certificates representing ownership in shares of non-U.S. companies that trade on U.S. financial markets. ADRs are a common way for U.S. Investors to buy equity in non-U.S. companies without having to worry about the details of cross-border transactions. ADRs are priced in U.S. dollars, pay dividends in U.S. dollars and can be traded just like shares of U.S. companies. ADRs are issued by a U.S. commercial bank and represent a fixed number of foreign shares, depending on the ratio of ADRs to ordinary shares (1:1 in the case of AIXTRON).

From the perspective of U.S. investors, ADRs eliminate many of the obstacles of holding non-U.S. securities since they trade and settle according to U.S. market practices, are quoted and traded in U.S. dollars and pay dividends in U.S. dollars. They eliminate custodian safekeeping charges in the issuer’s home country and facilitate prompt dividend payments and corporate action notifications.

AIXTRON ADRs may be bought and sold through any broker licensed to buy and sell U.S. securities.
If you opt to be a registered holder, you may contact BNY Mellon, AIXTRON’s ADR depositary, at 1-866-394-9083 or write to:
BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
P.O. Box 358516
Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8516, USA
E-Mail: shrrelations(at)
Registered holders of AIXTRON ADRs may conduct transactions online through BNY Mellon’s For Account Access details please contact BNY Mellon through one of the contact methods specified above.

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