CVD Equipment Corporation.

CVD Equipment Corporation is perhaps the centre piece in the graphene stocks and shares investment crown.

It was the first publicly listed company to trade in the graphene manufacturing market and is strides ahead of its competitors in terms of its sale of turnkey products. CVD specialises in supplying a broad range of custom chemical vapour deposition, gas control and other types of machine equipment to customers invested in the research, design and manufacture of semiconductors, solar cells, graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, LEDs, MEMS, smart glass coatings, batteries, ultra capacitor and water filtration materials, medical and industrial coatings.

The company was formed in formed in 1982 and floated on the AMEX stock exchange in 1985. It moved to the NASDAQ in 2007 with another public offering of $6.3 million. In that time CVD Equipment Corporation has bought out several smaller companies, broadening its portfolio of products and services and reducing its exposure to market instability. In 1999 the company purchased Stainless Design Concepts, in 2001 Research International, in 2002 Conceptronic, and in 2005 FirstNano. The company has a high degree of credibility in the nanotube and nanowire marketplace and is a key player in the solar, alternative energy, semiconductor and nanotechnology markets.

Chemical Vapour Deposition is a billion dollar market that produced for CVD Equipment Corporation a total revenue of $22.5 million in the first three quarters of the last financial year. The company currently has a market capitalization of $72 million with 5,958,785 shares outstanding. recent announcements of a new building and expansion of the material business are expected to raise the market capitalisation further in the near future. New orders for 2011 totalling $36million outstripped those of the previous year by 44%.

With a focus on graphene, CVD Equipment Corporation offers a Bottom Up solution to the problem of production.

By producing graphene by the deposition method CVD is able to offer graphene material with low rates of defect and good uniformity. The graphene sheets made on foil surfaces can be transferred from one metal substrate to another by a chemical etching process, and the number of layers produced can be altered with ease. Production can be scaled up or down according to demand.

The hi-tech product development cycle consists of a number of challenges one of which is the problem of scaling-up production from prototype quantity to commercial volumes whilst simultaneously ensuring the profitability of the final product.  CVD respond to this challenge by providing a “one-stop” solution to its customers. This high level of service helps to accelerate and to lower the risk of commercialization of Graphene enabled products by offering (1) a range of starting materials, (2) additional process customization, (3) scale up equipment and process research and (4) production tooling scale up of graphene-based products.

CVD not only sells production equipment but also trades in graphene direct to product developers through its wholly owned subsidiary, CVD Materials Corporation. The company is also involved in the development of CVD3DGraphene™, a cellular material platform that is based on a three dimensional graphene-foam like material. With several two dimensional graphene sheets mechanically and electrically fully interconnected in three dimensions this new material is a new option for developers and innovators hoping to capitalize on nanoscale products.

Cash Position (Sept 2011)

Cash and Cash Equivalents: $18.6 million

Total Assets: $37 million

Total Debt (Mortgages on property): $3.3 million

Stockholder Equity: $28.6 million

The company has 7 years of consistent profitability and is currently working on developments in smart glass, graphene, battery, solar, desalinization, purification and catalization technologies. The strongest orders handled by the company are from the aerospace, solar and research communities. The past year has seen a trading range that has seen the price span $7.70 to $19.76.

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