iNanotube for iOS — Animated, Engaging Visualizations of Nanotechnology

It’s been available for several months now but I’m sure the developer of this brilliant app will be happy with a bit of free publicity; iNanotube 1.1 for IOS allows customers to style and create a nanotube (an atomic sized) making use of the app’s easy program. Construction and treatment of these small wires is easily obtained through the touchscreen interface, which allows manipulating a piece of graphene into the form of a nanotube. The app provides immediate online design of the small components, made from the most effective and stiffest material yet found, which are too small to be seen with even the highest resolution microscopes.

“The use of virtual representations of atoms in smartphone and tablet media is a revolutionary way to interact with and understand the structure and size of atomic scale structures in a simple way,” said the apps creator Peter Burke. He envisions additional, game modifying uses of the app for future atom-by-atom design of nanotechnology items made from graphene and other materials; a long-term objective of nanotechnology analysis around the planet.

iNanotube’s style benefits from Burke’s revolutionary work in the field, and his comprehensive experience helping teach nanotechnology to learners around the globe. The app allows information of key ideas that are generally difficult to express, but which graphical representations describe more easily. For example, the ultimate objective of nanotube engineering is to create techniques to create nanotubes of a very specific crystal structure (described by two integers “n” and “m”). iNanotube makes the connection between the (n,m) index, the crystal structure, and the hidden nuclear substances, reassuringly clear. Appropriate with all iOS gadgets, the app uses their advanced, built-in 3D rendering hardware for sleek, effortless, graphical representations of carbon nanotubes.

“I look forward to extending this medium of virtual design and visualization to a large class of new, yet to be invented nanotechnology systems. This is just the tip of the iceberg for user interaction with atomic scale objects, ultimately allowing nanotechnology to be developed, applied, and deployed in a fundamentally new and more efficient ways. Someday, users will position atoms using a touch screen user interface, and we will have the corresponding manufacturing technology to make any material the user can design. This app is the first, baby step toward that goal.”

Peter Burke, iNnanotube developer.

Feature Highlights:

  • Ability to render both metallic and semiconducting nanotubes
  • Ability to select the radius of the rendered nanotube
  • Pinch & zoom, rotate, and swipe gesture recognition for easy, familiar, intuitive user interaction
  • Unique 3D animation that clearly explains how atomic sheets are rolled into a tube
  • New insights into structure and function of nanotubes
  • Industry standard atomic rendering modes, such as ball and stick, wireframe, and space filling modes
  • Simple explanation of how the 3D atomic structure displayed in the app relates to applications of nanotechnology and nanotubes

Device Requirements:

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
iOS 302 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
1.0 MB


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