Graphene Shares Could Add Spice To Christmas Gift Giving

Giving shares at Christmas has always been one of the quirkier gift ideas that circulate at this time of year. Yet, with almost 25% of investors saying they would consider shares as a gifting option, perhaps this year the most interesting present hidden under the tree could be the story of graphene disguised as a share certificate. What easier solution could there be for the awkward relative that has it all, and what better gift than a stake in the future of the planet.Graphene shares present the recipient with not only the chance of future profit, but also a personal involvement in the exciting world of nanotechnology. With graphene on everyone’s lips this year, and rosier prospects for the material on the horizon you could find the gift you give this year making someone much richer in the years to come. Let’s face it, those alpaca walking socks will be thin and tired by the end of the year, if they are worn at all, and the luxury grooming set from Selfridges will have empty lotion bottles and a razor as blunt as the economy. Graphene shares, however, promise much more, and with the whole narrative of graphene set to take centre stage in the next three to five years, the social value as well as the economic value is certainly expected to rise.

Buying shares in companies heavily invested in the graphene industry is actually quite easy. A “How To” guide can be found here. However which shares should be at the top of your list?

Well, a long list of candidates can be found on this site under the companies link at the top of the page. However, for those looking for a bit more guidance allow me to suggest a number of the key contenders for the perfect Christmas gift.

  • Focus Graphite has plenty of news in the pipeline, and with the operationalisation of their Lac Knife graphite mine in Canada they are expected to harvest one of the world’s richest sources of graphite. With Focus’ graphite perfect for exfoliation, and with their large stake in Grafoid, a graphene production company with several orders already on its books, Focus is well placed to be one of the biggest suppliers of the graphene industry.
  • CVD Equipment Corporation is one of the companies expected to profit from the burgeoning nanotechnology market. Designers and manufacturers of customized process equipment they will be at the forefront of providing the equipment necessary to accelerate the growth of the graphene industry. Chemical Vapour Deposition is at the heart of many billion dollar growth markets and the company is sure to record a net gain in 2013 with the sale of one of its old production facilities.
  • mPhase Technologies is a publicly traded company on the OTCBB under ticker symbol XDSL, is the undisputed global leader in the development of the battery of the future. The company’s Smart Battery can accommodate a wide range of next generation handheld gaming devices or high tech PDA/cell phones to an array of sophisticated military, medical, industrial, and consumer technologies.

Whatever you choose, have a fantastic Christmas and I wish you all peace, wealth and happiness for the New Year.

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