Graphene Production And Global Patents.

This month’s newsletter contained the best article I have found on graphene production and global patents to date. Kindly offered for publication by Dr. Y. R. Mahajan the full version including tables and graphs can now be read here.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Mass Production of High Quality Graphene: An Analysis of Worldwide Patents

The article is well worth a read as it expertly describes the development and direction of global patents in the graphene industry. It provides an excellent springboard for deeper research into specific graphene companies and generally provides the kind of overview that could prove invaluable to potential investors.

The subject of graphene patents seems to be something of a hot topic at present, with recent articles in the Financial Times and New Scientist. Whilst concern over the inability of European countries to capitalize on their research has also been noted at Cabume, the article by Dr. Mahajan takes a less eurocentric view.

For those that may have stumbled upon the abridged version of the article at nanowerk I hope the full version present here will help to fill in some of the gaps.

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