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Graphene Goes To The Australian Open

Head, one of the world’s best known tennis and sports goods manufacturers, has recently unveiled it latest product, a graphene racquet that may just win Wimbledon, the US Open, and the French and Australian Open too.

Given a test run by Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one player, the Head Graphene racquet has produced ball speeds of 173mph.

The racquet is said to gain its remarkable qualities by the use of graphene in the shaft and racquet head.

Graphene™ technology allows for the first time an optimal redistribution of weight in HEAD racquets. Through the use of Graphene™ in the shaft, the weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet can be reduced. Instead, weight can be shifted to more functionally relevant areas in the grip and racquet head. This unique construction provides players with an unmatched maneuverability and an increased swingweight.

After the proven success of graphene on the world mountain-bike downhill championships the latest development confirms that graphene is going to become more than just a spectator at the top level of sport. And, in sport if not in economics, it is only a matter of time before the toys from the top flight become available to mass market products.

In a recent outing at Melbourne’s Sandown racetrack, Djokovic put the tennis racquet through its paces and up against an Audi R8. The concept was perhaps simple and perhaps more than a little stage managed, and needless to say the tennis ball launched by the world champion passed the finish line first; however, theatrical as the stunt may have been, the new Head racquet is going to be hard to beat.

Graphene Head Takes on Audi

Speaking of his preparation for the Australian Open Djokovic announced his intention to test the racquet on the tennis court in match play,

“I look forward to play my new racquet at the Australian Open. It feels lighter but provides me with maximum speed and control on each swing” Djokovic said. “And I love the new design, too!”

Novak’s new Speed racquet will be available in retail stores around the world from today, while HEAD players Maria Sharapova, Tomas Berdych and Marin Cilic will premiere their new Graphene™ Instinct MP racquets as well at the Australian Open.

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