Graphene Conference 2012

Graphene 2012 International Conference is to be the largest European Event dedicated to the science of Graphene, and will be held in Brussels (Belgium) from 10th until 13th of April 2012. The event, organised by the quartet of the “Phantoms foundation,” “UCL,” “Institute Catalia de Nanotecnologia,” and “CNRS,” is to include a session on the Graphene Flagship Pilot Action which is working to establish the “Graphene Science and Technology Roadmap.” The roadmap, which will be presented to the European Commission and Member States, will hopefully demonstrate the need for long term funding and the support of the European governments. 

The call for abstracts (oral request) is now open at the Graphene 2012 website ( and will close on February 10, 2012. Post-deadline Abstract Submission (Poster Only) is available until March 9, 2012.

A plenary session with internationally renowned speakers, could include a keynote speech from the Nobel Prize winning Kostya Novoselov, as well as extensive thematic workshops, one-to-one meetings, and a significant industrial exhibition featuring current and future Graphene developers and investors. The world’s leading experts in the field will present their latest findings and signpost the way forwards in terms of current trends. Seven hundred participants are expected to take part, ensuring that the global graphene technology revolution is shown to investors in all its glory on a world stage.

Graphene 2012 is now in its second year and attracts global participants intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of graphene-related scientific and commercial developments. Workshops on Graphene Chemistry and Materials, Modelling and Simulation of Graphene-based Materials and Devices, and Approaches to Graphene Using Raman Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy will be the highlights of the 3 day event. For those interested in learning more about the potential uses of graphene a parallel workshop on applications of the material will also be held.

The organizers are also pleased to welcome Grafoid Inc., a Canadian graphene development and patenting joint venture, as lead sponsor of this year’s event. Grafoid Inc. is a privately-held graphene investment and technology company intent on establishing a mass production process for economically scalable graphene. They join many other remarkable institutions, including Graphene Flagship, GDRI Graphene Nanotubes, and Consiglio Nazionale delle Recerche amongst other, in supporting the second edition of Graphene conference.

Registration for Graphene 2012 conference is now available and the deadline for earlybird fees is March 5, 2012. Prices range from 390€ for students to 560€ for senior attendees respectively.


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