Graphene 3D Lab (V.GGG) to Acquire Graphene Laboratories Inc.

graphene 3d labGraphene 3D Lab (V.GGG) will be acquiring all shares of their ex-parent graphene company Graphene Laboratories. Graphene 3D was incorporated in 2013 as a spin-off company geared towards the development of graphene to be used in a wide range of manufacturing processes and products. As with any new startup company, there were major risks. At the time of their inception, Graphene 3D did not actually have any functional products, only concepts. However in just a year, the company had already developed a 3D printed battery and a graphene filament designed for 3D printing. The company was able to raise funds through investors and take the company public, eventually resulting in a valuation of over $40 million.

The early success of the Graphene 3D Lab was at least partly a result of the stability, knowledge base and credibility garnered from its parent company. Graphene Laboratories was founded by expert graphene researchers. Their ideas for the super material covered varies applications such as consumer electronics, data storage, batteries, and nano drug delivery.   Today the company continues to thrive and expand. Graphene Laboratories managed to spark the interest of some major players in multiple industries. Companies including NASA, Ford, General Electric, Apple, Xerox, Samsung and IBM all have taken an interest in what the researchers at Graphene Laboratories had to say about the potential applications of graphene. In addition to graphene consulting and analysis services, the company also created the Graphene Supermarket. This marketplace is a medium for selling an assortment of graphene grades and graphene related products all over the world.

Graphene 3D Lab’s acquisition of Graphene Laboratories means obtaining ownership of a valuable patent on a “green” graphene manufacturing process. There are 4 existing graphene patents which would also be acquired. All of these patents could be utilized to further the company’s 3D printed graphene applications. Additionally Graphene 3D will be securing a large customer base and the profitable Graphene Supermarket business segment.

Graphene Laboratories holds a specific patent on an industry leading low cost production method of high quality graphene. The company had not managed to take the concept into a practical large scale application, though it was planned. However, it is expected that Graphene 3D Lab will continue efforts to achieve the large-scale production goal using the patented manufacturing processes.

With regards to key people, both Daniel Stolyarov and Elena Polyakova will continue as board members after the acquisition. Polyakova is expected to be be appointed as the Co-CEO working in partnership with Graphene 3D Lab’s current President & CEO. Graphene Laboratories brand identity will be retained as it is to be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Graphene 3D Lab.

The transaction will be carried out through what appears to be a stock exchange between the two corporations. Stolyarov will hold 18.8% and Polyakova will own 18.9% of stock in Graphene 3D Lab. Before the exact legal terms are set, Graphene Laboratories will need to be audited and reviewed by an independent consultant to confirm valuation. Based on the most recent complete fiscal year, the financials indicate that the company generates healthy cash flow and there is low debt on the balance sheet.

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