F1000 Nov 28th

Its time for a bit of fun. Its the second week of the fantasy 1000 and time to see how the initial investments of £1000/$1000 have grown or diminished. Paragon Diamonds (LSE: PRG) and CVD Equipment Corporation (NASDAQ: CVV) were the selected investment; chosen largely on whim and with very little prior research. The two companies are meant to be indicative but I whole heartedly accept that little useful information will be obtained over the duration of the fantasy investment.

So, £1000 bought a total of 3478 shares in Paragon diamonds last week. Currently trading at 27.63p, the original investment would now be worth £960 – a loss of £40. Oh well, can’t win them all.

How well did CVD Equipment Corporation perform? Well $1000 purchased 61 shares last week, and at a current trading price of $15 the initial investment has slumped to $915. Oh well, it seems you can’t win at all. At least not this week anyhow.

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