F1000 Dec 4th

Another week has gone by and so it’s time to reassess the investments in graphene and diamond that were made at the outset of this blog. I say outset, but in effect the blog has only been running for the past two weeks so lets cut to the chase and see how a grands worth of shares have faired in the last fortnight.

Starting with Paragon Diamonds, 3478 shares were purchased in the hope that an increase in the price of diamond would prove graphene’s elder sister is still a commodity worth investing. After two weeks of very sluggish action the price is now 26.75p per share. An investment of £1000 has been mercilessly reduced to just £930, a further £30 loss on last week and not looking good for Christmas and the New Year.

But did graphene’s champion share CVD Equipment Corporation fare any better. An initial outlay of $1000 purchased 61 shares two weeks ago, and at a selling price of $14.49 the investment continues to plummet. Now worth $884 the shares have lost over one tenth of their value.

With CVD breaking through the lower Bollinger band I would expect the market to enact some kind of rebound upwards, and with the 3 month high at somewhere in the region of $18.50 I’m hoping for a complete turnaround. Let’s face it if the share price goes any further south I’ll be swimming with penguins.

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