F1000 Dec 18th

Two weeks have passed since I last looked at the fantasy investments in graphene and diamond. For those that don’t remember or weren’t paying attention, an imaginary sum of £1000 and $1000 was invested in two companies, Paragon Diamonds and CVD equipment. Both had shown sizeable loses in the first two weeks causing me to prophecy that a rebound in share price was on the way. The global markets have been hit hard in the intervening weeks, with Europe on the brink of collapse, but how have the new tech and its elder sister fared?

Well, the 61 shares in CVD Equipment are now trading at a selling price of $13.66 the share continues its descent into the abyss. Sell the fantasy now a paltry  $833.26 would be  all that you would receive.

Paragon Diamonds however ended the week trading at a sell price of 27.25p, a slight increase on last week, and enough of an upturn to make the 3478 shares worth £947. 75. Its still a loss but the price has found a new level following a massive drop in value in recent weeks.

According to the week’s trading the graphene revolution may well have already started but in a volatile market situation the smartest money is on stocks with a history that can offer reassurance. Paragon Diamond wins out over the upstart, but will the story be the same in a month’s time.

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