Does Tesla Have New Rival? Plans for a Graphene Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Super Car – The Edison Electron One

An electric super car powered by a graphene hydrogen fuel cell is under development. The high performance graphene car is supposed to be better performing than a Ferrari. The car is called the Edison Electron One.

The project is the result of the joint venture between Sunvault Energy (SVLT-OTC:BB) and the Edison Power Company a Delaware Corporation.  The partnership spawns the Edison Motor Cars Corporation. They will be collaborating with MK Technologies Ltd. to facilitate the design and conception of this amazing super car.

Edison Motors reports that Edison Electron One will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2016. The vehicle will contain an electric drive unit functioning at each wheel. This is expected to enable the vehicle with 1,355 Newton meters of torque. This is just about double that of the Ferrari 488 GTB and a third more than Elon Musk’s Tesla P85D.

The company states that the purpose of the project is to showcase their graphene-integrated hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“The fuel cell will be powered by an on-demand hydrogen generation unit built into the car and will only require water,” said Robert Murray-Smith, Director of Sunvault Energy.

Edison Electron One accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just about two seconds. Amazingly the battery is reported to be rechargeable in five minutes. Sunvault Energy believes a new industry will be spawned for charging of electric vehicles. The company believes that its graphene based storage system can accommodate this new industry.

When it comes to range capability, the Edison Electron One will perform similar to competitors like Tesla.  However Edison gets an edge due to its speedy 5 minute charging time. The vehicle has a simple to use Graphene integrated hydrogen fuel cell which provides an additional level of confidence to decrease any range anxiety.

Additionally, safety concerns are diminished by the decreased risk of fire or explosion associated with Lithium Ion Batteries.

Currently, the Edison Electron One is only available to customers on a special-order basis.

“We are excited to be producing this truly revolutionary automobile that will put our Graphene Energy Storage Device front and ce846ntre on the world stage at the simple turn of a key”, stated Sunvault Energy Chief Executive Officer Gary Monaghan. “The Electron One will not only be able to challenge any vehicle in performance, but will also be fully flexible, functional and convenient, just as a fuel-filled vehicle is today.”

Sunvault Energy and Edison Power will be showcasing the Graphene Energy Storage Device together at The Battery Show 2015, at Novi, Detroit, Michigan; Taking place this September 15-17. This show is the premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology.


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