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Cientifica Releases the Graphene Opportunity Report

New report takes a rational view of graphene and identifies key opportunities

London, UK | Posted on August 7th, 2013

The Graphene Opportunity Report looks at the impact of graphene across key markets such as advanced materials, composites, microelectronics, displays, photonics, energy generation and storage, sensors and biomedical technologies.

The report predicts that by 2018 advanced materials and energy generation have the potential to make up two thirds of the graphene market, with composites and coatings making up the bulk of applications. However many of the more widely discussed applications will have little impact this decade.

Applications discussed in the report include super capacitors, Li-ion batteries, electronics, semiconductors, displays, cell phones, indium tin oxide, ITO, photonics, polarizers, anti corrosion, structural composites, sensors, transparent conductive membranes, organic solar cells, RFID, barrier coatings, and fuel cells.

Key Graphene Opportunity Report Findings include

· A number of oft quoted potential applications of graphene face stiff competition from other more advanced technologies;

· By 2018 over 50 companies will be producing graphene and fighting for a market worth less than $100 million;

· The 2018 market for first order applications will be approaching a billion dollars

“Graphene won’t start to change the world for another decade, but in the meantime their are plenty of opportunities but you need to be producing the right types of graphene” explained Cientifica CEO Tim Harper, “and you need to climb the value chain fast.”

Co-author Dexter Johnson, who also edits IEEE’s nanotechnology blog, added “Any new technology as important as graphene is always shrouded in hype. Our objective was to take a realistic view based on our experience of other nanomaterials.

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