In The ‘Center Of The Hurricane’ – Video Interview with Lomiko CEO

Lomiko CEO, Paul Gill explains how Lomiko Metals are working with Stony Brook University and Graphene Labs to investigate the use of graphene in super-capacitors and batteries. Some market analysis to go along with insight into Lomiko’s business operations.

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Fast Charging Graphene Supercapacitor


Vying for its place in a field of very strong candidates is this video on the supercapicitor properties of graphene. Hoping to win the first prize of $100,000, Brian Golden Davis’ video is up against a number of other astonishing films from the world of science. 

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The discovery and uses of graphene

Video clip from the BBC Learning Zone. The video features Andre Geim who explains his investigations of the properties of this nanomaterial, which is the strongest material yet discovered and conducts electricity at an incredible speed. The potential for this material is discussed. First broadcast in the Learning Zone on BBC2 in May 2012 as part of the programme Materials: How They Work


Mass Production Of Graphene Is The Key For Investors.

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov talk about scalable production and the future viability of graphene products.