Graphene Market Set To Explode – Analysts Expect 55.54% From 2013 – 2023

graphene computer chip

According to a new market research report “Graphene Electronics Market: Materials (PV, Electronics); Devices (Supercapacitors, Transistors, Spintronics, Sensors, ICs and Chips, Lenses); Products (Computing, Consumer, Memory, Display); Developments (Nanotubes and Ribbons, Fullerenes) (2013 – 2023)”, the total Graphene Technology market is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 55.54% from 2013 to 2023 which includes in-depth segmentation of material, products and devices.

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Focus Graphite Announces Lac Knife Financials


Focus Graphite, the Canadian company with the world’s highest grade deposit of graphite in its grasp, and a major investor in the development of graphene by exfoliation, has recently announced the results of a preliminary economic assessment of its Lac Knife Graphite project. The assessment suggests an exciting time of growth can be anticipated in relation to this world class business and it therefore remains my opinion that graphene investors would be hard pressed to find a more attractive proposition.

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New Graphene Market Report Published By IDTechEx

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Graphene promises to offer the best possible material properties in almost all applications. Its extraordinary performance has led many to call it the ‘superlative’ or ‘wonder’ material. The reality however is different.

“Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets and Players 2013-2018”

It is forecast however that 100 million dollars of graphene will be sold in 2018 into a range of applications, including RFID, smart packaging, super capacitors, composites, ITO replacement, sensors, logic and memory, etc.

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Titan To Help Manchester Team Explore The Chthonic Depths Of Graphene


MANCHESTER, UK and HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The University of Manchester and FEI(Nasdaq:FEIC) are pleased to announce the installation of one of the world’s most powerful high-resolution microscopes―the Titan™ G2 80-200 scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM)―at the University’s School of Materials. The procurement of the new S/TEM from FEI was funded as part of an £8 million ($12.8 million USD) UK government investment for nuclear materials research at Manchester’sDalton Nuclear Institute.

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Sony Take Record For Largest Graphene Sheet Ever Produced


There can be little doubt that Sony’s announcement of a record breaking 100m graphene sheet will have set gift wrap manufacturers’ hearts racing. The prospect, however, is not that graphene will be the new big thing in Christmas wrapping paper but that with the development of new technologies and graphene products the long tradition of high-tech gift giving will continue.

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