Lomiko Appoint Graphene Investment Expert

lomiko metals

Vancouver, BC. – LOMIKO METALS INC. (TSX-V:LMR, OTC: LMRMF, Europe: ISIN: CA54163Q1028,
WKN: A0Q9W7,) (“Lomiko” or “the Company) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr.
Dietmar Siebholz to the Board of Advisors. Dr. Siebholz has been researching graphite and graphene
investment developments in Europe and is a significant shareholder of Lomiko Metals. In the spring of 2010, Dr. Siebholz added graphite to the list of minerals he favours for investment. In his opinion, graphite is the technology mineral of the future that should replace common technology resources – at least partially – within the next ten years.

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Graphene And Carbon Nanotube Pharmaceuticals


Graphene and carbon nanotubes are likely to play an important role in the history of medicine if recent reports are to be believed. Nanotechnology has been the shiny new thing of medicine for several years and is yet to show signs of tarnishing. Nanomedicine, as the new discipline has been termed, promises to revolutionise the way in which we perform medical procedures and makes possible atom sized interventions that make key hole surgery seem brutally invasive.

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New Toxicology Fears From Graphene Nanoplatelets


As reported here several weeks ago the graphene investment story is not all plain sailing. Toxicology concerns have been expressed for some time and unfounded comparisons between the nanomaterial and asbestos have been suggested. Fears that graphene could potentially cause respiratory problems in people involved in the manufacturing process have been raised along with fears that the nano-sized particles could affect the food chain.      

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Vorbeck Materials secures investment.

Vorbeck materials has secured investments totalling $10 million in the latest round of a fully subscribed series three funding, proving that the company’s innovations in the graphene marketplace continue to impress. Three investors, Black Powder, LLC and Fairbridge Venture Partners, LP proved dominant in the latest approach for funds, which included 15 additional investors.

The investments will enable Vorbeck to continue its work on new materials technology and should hopefully lead to the development of some inspired design ideas. The company is currently a leader in the manufacture of single sheet graphene and the first company in the world with graphene-based products in the market. As such Vorbeck can be said to be not only the market leader but the whole graphene product market entire. With the additional distinction of being the only company to have received EPA approval for the commercial production and sale of graphene-based products it will be some time before those companies that are following Vorbeck’s lead ever catch up.

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IBM unveil latest graphene transistor research

IBM (NYSE: IBM) scientists today unveiled several exploratory research breakthroughs that could lead to major advancements in delivering dramatically smaller, faster and more powerful computer chips.

For more than 50 years, computer processors have increased in power and shrunk in size at a tremendous rate. However, today’s chip designers are hitting physical limitations with Moore’s Law, halting the pace of product innovation from scaling alone. With virtually all electronic equipment today built on complementary-symmetry metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology, there is an urgent need for new materials and circuit architecture designs compatible with this engineering process as the technology industry nears physical scalability limits of the silicon transistor.

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