Graphene Hot Electron Bolometer Peers Into Universe


UMD Scientists Create Faster, More Sensitive Photodetector by Tricking Graphene


Graphene Hot Electron Bolometer innovation promises better biochemical weapons detection and body scanners, and new instruments for studying dark energy & the structure of the universe.

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Q&A with Dr. Gordon Chiu, Vice President and Co-Founder, Grafoid Inc.

Gordon Chiu (head and shoulders)

Invest in Graphene featured a newsletter with Dr. Chiu that is now available to all readers of the website.


Thank you for agreeing to engage in a Q&A with Dr. Chiu, it’s a real coup for us to have someone at the very heart of graphene science and industry feature on the site. With a reputation for being an “execution-driven businessman” and holding a slew of qualifications in chemistry and medicine I imagine you will be able to clarify much about the science of graphene whilst giving some real insight into the financial opportunity that graphene presents.

Q1. Graphene is often described as a “wonder material” with the potential to change the world. Ballistic conductance, zero band gap and incredible strength are all frequently cited as being the defining features of graphene but what properties of graphene do you consider to be the most scientifically interesting and what products will be developed as a result of them?

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Aixtron Results Reflect Global Downturn


Aixtron, the leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry and an important producer of the technology required in the manufacture of carbon nanotubes, nanofibers and graphene, has announced its first quarter results and forecast for 2012.

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XG Sciences and POSCO To Profit From Air Force Contract For Graphene Capacitors.


XG Sciences, a privately owned corporation based in Michigan, has announced it has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop ultra high-energy graphene ultracapacitors for use in space energy storage systems. XGSs’ graphene-based energy storage materials have demonstrated significant increases in storage capacity over traditional activated carbon and are manufactured in a commercially-proven, environmentally friendly, low-cost process.

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Fortune Graphite Seeks Funding Partner For Further Exploration


TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 02, 2012) – Fortune Graphite Inc. (FRANKFURT: ZTWN) is seeking a joint venture partnership to complete a full exploration and drilling program on the Superior Group of graphite carbon mineral claims.

Fortune Graphite Inc. acquired the Superior Group of graphite carbon mineral claims for 1.5 million dollars (CDN) in 2011 and is the legal and registered owner of a total of approximately 5,720 hectares containing graphite carbon. The graphite property is located in the Slocan Mining Division of British Columbia, Canada.

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