New Graphene Photodetector Only One Billion Times Better.

graphene photodetector one billion

There may be an element of ludic absurdity in the science of graphene that is at first only partially sensed but which finally breaks through with the force of a giant fireball fiercely burning one hundred and fifty million kilometres above our heads.

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Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

graphene robots

If graphene had been around when Philip K Dick was writing he would have surely used it as the muscle for his fictive robotic inventions. No other material can match it for its flexibility and responsiveness to electricity.

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Bet Your Bottom Dollar – The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.

graphene solar panels

Investing in graphene could be the brightest choice for investors if the latest research from Michigan University is to be believed. A solar energy future, with graphene at its very heart, has just come another step closer with the publication of research which shows a substantial boost to the efficiency of the next generation of solar panels.

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GraphExeter Sandwich Improves On Electrical Performance Of Graphene Sheets.

University of Exeter researchers Dr Monica Craciun and Dr Saverio Russo.

A new investment in graphene science has been slowly unfolding in a small university department in the South of England. The eponymous, and rather awkwardly titled,  “GraphExeter” is the result of the work of the University of Exeter’s Centre For Graphene Science and is one of those discoveries that somehow manages to add to the graphene family’s list of superlative qualities.

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IBM Add Photonics Breakthrough To List Of Graphene Discoveries.


IBM (NYSE: IBM) has been active in the graphene field from the earliest days of its emergence as a material like no other. The first integrated circuit, showcased by the company at the end of 2011, has now been eclipsed by their development of the science of the material’s photonic properties.

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