Graphene-enhanced 3D printing has potential to fast track time to market and decrease inventory in aerospace industry

graphene 3d laBOn the verge of a technological revolution fuelled by the increasingly widespread access to 3D printing, graphene-enhanced 3D printer feed stock (filaments) may take opportunities with 3D printing to the next generation.  A company in Long Island NY, Graphene 3D Lab stands at the forefront of this latest 3D printer industry innovation. The company is the R&D leader for supporting the manufacturing industry through the development of proprietary graphene-based, nanocomposite materials (filaments) for various types of 3D printing.

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Artificial retina made from biocompatible graphene

Physicists at Technische Universität München (TUM) are using graphene to produce key elements of an artificial retina.

Graphene is thin, transparent and has a tensile strength greater than that of steel. In addition, it is a better conductor of electricity compared to copper; and, since it comprises a single layer of carbon atoms, it is considered two-dimensional.

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2D Graphene Goes 3D


American Graphite Technologies Inc. Announces Approval for 3D Project Startup

LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct 04, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — American Graphite Technologies Inc. (“AGIN” or the “Company”) AGIN +19.50% and (berlin:A8G) (wkn:A1KBDQ/ISIN) announces receipt of final approval from the Science and Technology Centre Ukraine (STCU) for the startup of its project, dubbed P600. The project was granted live status on October 1, 2013.

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A step toward the future: new patent-pending technology furthers innovation in the energy industry

Gordon Chiu (head and shoulders)

Summit, New Jersey (MMD Newswire) August 13, 2013 — A new provisional patent application was filed July 10, 2013 by Gearhart Law for inventors Karim Zaghib, Gordon Chiu, Abdelbast Guerfi, and Amélie Forand. The application describes a new composition using a type of graphene. This novel material will be important for the energy industry, in everything from alternative energy storage and transmission to improved consumer products.

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Haydale breakthrough graphene inks to accelerate graphene applications



Haydale announce breakthrough graphene inks based on HDPlas™ commercial technology to accelerate graphene applications

These new graphene inks enable the commercialisation in the near future of smart packaging, printed batteries, electrochemical sensors, flexible displays and potentially touch screens.

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