Haydale Agrees Supply Partnership.


Haydale Limited (“Haydale”), and Cheap Tubes Inc (“CTi”), earlier this week announced that they have reached agreement for CTi to act as the exclusive agent for the supply of the Haydale HDPlas™ nano products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Graphene and the “European Paradox”


An article published today in the Financial Times sorely laments the lack of funding in the development of graphene in Europe and the failure of companies to invest in taking the material out of the university and into industry.

The article raises a number of important questions associated with the future control of graphene technologies. It points out the uncomfortable fact that the UK and Europe lead the world in the publication of academic papers but fall considerably far behind the rest of the world when it comes to patents.

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Graphene investment Takes Centre Stage In Carbon Electronics.

graphene investment

The future of carbon based electronics is a future with graphene investment at the very centre a recent Forbes article, by the Director of Physical Sciences at IBM, declares.

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Angstron Materials Secures Distributor for South Korea


Angstron has announced a distribution partnership with Digichem to supply South Korean companies with stocks of its high grade graphene nanoplatelets. The company is the first advanced materials company to offer large quantities of ultra-thin, pristine nano-graphene platelets and is working hard to reduce the cost of graphene for its customers.

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New Nanomaterials Market Report Published

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To help the potential investor and commercial manager in their investigation of the nanopolymer marketplace a new report has been published that sheds light on this multi billion dollar industry.

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