mPhase Technologies looks to graphene for Smart NanoBattery.


mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC.BB: XDSL.OB) said today that it is exploring the printing of its Smart NanoBattery with Graphene and other advanced new materials.

mPhase Technologies is introducing a revolutionary Smart Surface technology enabled by breakthroughs in nanotechnology, MEMS processing and microfluidics. Our Smart Surface technology has potential applications within drug delivery systems, lab-on-a-chip analytic systems, self-cleaning systems, liquid and chemical sensor systems, and filtration systems. mPhase has pioneered its first Smart Surface enabled product, the mPhase Smart NanoBattery.

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Graphene And Carbon Nanotube Pharmaceuticals


Graphene and carbon nanotubes are likely to play an important role in the history of medicine if recent reports are to be believed. Nanotechnology has been the shiny new thing of medicine for several years and is yet to show signs of tarnishing. Nanomedicine, as the new discipline has been termed, promises to revolutionise the way in which we perform medical procedures and makes possible atom sized interventions that make key hole surgery seem brutally invasive.

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Oxford Instruments Contracted To Supply Graphene Research Equipment

Oxford Instruments is delighted to have been selected by the Quantum Nanoelectronics Group from the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN), in Barcelona, to supply tools to be used for Graphene research.The Quantum NanoElectronics group specialises in the electrical and mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and graphene.

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Aixtron Announces Italian Job

italian job

AIXTRON SE today announced that the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Pisa, Italy, has ordered two AIXTRON BM Pro systems in a 4-inch wafer configuration. IIT Pisa researchers will use these systems for the development and production of graphene for the implementation of novel hydrogen storage systems.

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Zipped Graphene Nanotubes

twisted nanoribbons

Roll Up Roll Up, in the world of graphene shares there can be no more apt an answer to the problem of investment choice than to invest in two companies and form a merger, or Roll-up. But, before you close all your trades to invest in this new company , I should just say that the roll up news of the week is not one of take over and consolidation but something all together more interesting; the furling of graphene into carbon nanotubes.

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