Graphene Market Forecast Published By Displaybank

A new report on the market potential of graphene has been published by Displaybank, making research on investment choices less of a headache for the diligent investor.

Focused on the science of graphene’s properties and potential applications, the report looks at methods of synthesis, development trends by graphene related companies, emerging technologies and market forecast.

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Piezoelectric Graphene Is A Nanoscale Shape Shifter

By depositing atoms on one side of a grid of graphene, two materials engineers, Evan Reed and Mitchell Ong from the Stanford School of Engineering researchers at Stanford, have produced piezoelectricity in graphene for the first time. It is the first case of a nanoscale engineering of the effect and could eventually yield a dramatic degree of control in nanotechnology.

For those that haven’t been paying attention, graphene is a wonder material

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Massless Dirac Fermions Make Graphene As Fast As Lightening

A report, published in Nature, suggests graphene could be the most  sought after material for designer electron devices. Electrons become massless Dirac fermions in graphene as a result of its electronic structure; they travel at the speed of light and are the result of Dirac points that form within the honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms. Graphene is one member of a class of Dirac materials that includes iron-based high-temperature semiconductors, and is show in research conducted by Gomes et al to be a fully tunable condensed-matter system.

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Swedish Company Is Europe’s First SiC Graphene Supplier

Europe has its first supplier of epitaxial graphene on a silicon carbide substrate in the newly formed Swedish company Graphensic AB (part of the business incubator LEAD). The company has been formed as a result of work carried out at Linkoping University by the lead researchers. The team has gained expertise in the chemistry of silicon carbide since an early involvement in developing a number of adhesion techniques in the 1990s.

The company is confident that with a new high temperature patent-pending method they will be able to bring to market a higher quality product with fewer defects. The higher temperature imparts greater kinetic energy to the carbon atoms when the graphene layer is formed. 

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The Incredible Forever Ready Graphene Battery.


Hot on the heels of the NanoBattery comes another contender for the crown of most astonishing graphene device this week. The latest thing to emerge from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and challenger for the crown, is a graphene based battery that works on ambient heat. The device, which is still to be peer reviewed, works by capturing the thermal energy of ions in solution and converting them into electrical energy. As such it has the potential to provide a virtually never ending supply of electricity from heat sources such as the body, the sun and chemical and mechanical processes.

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