Metallurgical Testing Confirms Focus Metals Deposit At Lac Knife

focus metals

Focus Metals, the Canadian mining company with a 40% interest in Grafoid’s ecological and economically scalable graphene production business, has announced the latest results of metallurgical testing at its Lac Knife deposit. The results confirm Lac Knife and Grafoid as the “turn to” resource for exfoliated graphene.

SGS: 46.1% large flake validates company’s high grade, high-concentration, world leading graphite deposit.

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Northern Graphite And Panacis Announce Strategic Partnership.


Northern graphite, the Canadian mining company that recently announced an agreement to supply its +48 mesh and +32 mesh extra large flake graphite to Grafen Chemical Industries for graphene research, has today announced a strategic partnership with Panacis Inc.

Northen Graphite are currently developing the Bissett Creek mine in Northern Ontario and have shown excellent results in producing graphene from the mine’s jumbo flakes. Although the deal with Panacis does not currently involve the use or production of graphene, Northern Graphite is a key player in the graphene field and therefore the news will be of interest to those investing with primary resources at the forefront of their portfolio.

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ST Kinetics Forms Research Partnership With Republic Polytechnic


Singapore, 10 April 2012 – ST Kinetics and Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic (RP) today launched
the Advanced Composite Engineering Lab (ACEL), a laboratory specialising in composite material
science research and production, and possibly a first in Southeast Asia specialising in natural fibre

Kick-started by a S$3m investment from ST Kinetics, ACEL will house specially customised
equipment and facilities for the advancement of composite material research. Located in RP, ACEL
will be dedicated to the research and production of composite materials that incorporate natural fibre,
such as silk, as a component material.

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Graphene Production Improvements Continue To Lower Cost


The problem with commercializing graphene that is synthesized onto metals over a wide area is that it can not be separated from the metal. However, a groundbreaking separation technology which is both cheap and environmentally friendly has been developed.

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Graphene Lowers Cost And Improves Efficiency Of Heat Conductors.


A North Carolina State University researcher has developed a more efficient, less expensive way of cooling electronic devices – particularly devices that generate a lot of heat, such as lasers and power devices.

The technique uses a “heat spreader” made of a copper-graphene composite, which is attached to the electronic device using an indium-graphene interface film.

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