Latest Market Report Confirms Profit Potential of Graphene

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Can You Handle 40% Annual Growth, Reaching $126 Million in 2020.


According to the latest report to come out of Lux Research, providers of strategic advice and intelligence for business, finance and governmental institutions, the graphene market is set to grow from a $9 million foundation in 2012 to a phenomenal $126 million in 2020.

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Graphene Goes To The Australian Open

Head Graphene

Head, one of the world’s best known tennis and sports goods manufacturers, has recently unveiled it latest product, a graphene racquet that may just win Wimbledon, the US Open, and the French and Australian Open too.

Given a test run by Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one player, the Head Graphene racquet has produced ball speeds of 173mph.

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NanoSaviour to NanoMiracle: The Story of Graphene, Water and Radioactivity.


There is perhaps no greater humanitarian potential in graphene than its ability to filter water. What, for instance, could be more compelling than the prospect of a graphene drinking straw that removes the impurities in water and produces crystal clear refreshment in the remotest of locations? Surely such a possibility shows us, in as stark and as matter a fact a way as possible, why every pound of the British government’s recent pledge of support for the industry is worthy of applause. Yet, as you may have come to expect, the story of graphene’s world changing potential does not end there.

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Fast Charging Graphene Supercapacitor


Vying for its place in a field of very strong candidates is this video on the supercapicitor properties of graphene. Hoping to win the first prize of $100,000, Brian Golden Davis’ video is up against a number of other astonishing films from the world of science. 

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Graphene Shares Could Add Spice To Christmas Gift Giving


Giving shares at Christmas has always been one of the quirkier gift ideas that circulate at this time of year. Yet, with almost 25% of investors saying they would consider shares as a gifting option, perhaps this year the most interesting present hidden under the tree could be the story of graphene disguised as a share certificate. What easier solution could there be for the awkward relative that has it all, and what better gift than a stake in the future of the planet.

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