An Analysis of The List of Graphene Companies by Sector, Country and Public vs. Private

I recently read an article from which extrapolated data on global graphene manufacturing by country and manufacturing type. The data showed that the majority of graphene companies were based out of the United States with China in second.

Additionally their research showed that of the 76 graphene companies in their sample, 72% employed top down graphene production. Top down production is manufacturing graphene by means of graphite exfoliation. The leading alternative is the CVD or chemical vapor method which entails growing graphene on a layer of copper or silicon dioxide substrate.  Their research methodology is not completely known as sources of data were not provided.

This got me wondering, what does’s List of Graphene Companies show? The list currently contains 152 companies. Here are the results:

The first chart shows the data by graphene sector. Keep in mind these categories are based on my list and a few other categorization methods found in other graphene resources. There are cases where a company could fall into multiple categories. For simplicity, only one category is chosen for each company and it is based on the main focus of the organization. Here are the descriptions of the sector categories:

Production: Graphene companies that directly produce graphene and other specialty nanotechnology materials
Application:  These are the graphene companies that are developing products that utilize graphene.
Graphite Mining: Mining companies sell graphite to graphene production and application companies. Graphite mining companies have major interests in the future of graphene.
Supplier: Graphene companies that focus on the supply and distribution of graphene and similar nanotechnology materials.
Production Equipment: Companies which specialize in products that aid in the production or application of graphene.
Investment: A corporation which may hold a major stake in a graphene company.
Graphene Related: These could include investment firms with large interests in graphene, software companies or patent holders and graphene consulting firms.

Graphene Companies by Sector
It appears as though graphene production is the major focus of most of the graphene companies in my sample of 152. Once high volume graphene production and commercialization capability is achieved, I suspect all other sectors will grow significantly. Companies which currently have no stake in graphene will be enticed to the market upon a production breakthrough.

With regards to geographic distribution (total of 123 companies in the sample), the data showed similar results to other research. This is especially true with regards to the number of graphene companies based out of the United States. Canadian graphene companies were of a higher proportion in’s data set.

Graphene companies by country


How many of the 152  graphene companies on the list can you actually currently invest in? This is a good question seeing as how that is at least one of the reasons you found The data shows that of the 152 companies, 33 have a stock symbol. This means that at least 22% (this could be higher as some companies may be missing stock symbol data) of the graphene companies on the list are traded on public stock exchanges. I would expect the proportion of public companies to increase as the graphene industry matures.
graphene companies that are publicly traded stock’s data has been scoured from sources across the web. My goal is to make my list of graphene companies the leading graphene company database. While the list is currently not 100% complete, the sample is still large enough to extract meaningful analysis. This research taken together with, can give you a give you a good snapshot of the current state of the graphene industry.


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