Cientifica Rises On News Of Oxford Collaboration

Cientifica’s partner London Graphene Ltd has signed an option agreement with ISIS Innovation, the technology transfer office for the University of Oxford. The London Graphene option agreement is to license a patent filed by Isis Innovation for the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford. 

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New Graphene Based Drug Delivery System Promises Improvements in Healthcare.

Researchers at University of Pittsburgh have discovered a new medicinal drug delivery system that precisely targets the bodily area affected. The system, based on graphene oxide, is triggered by an electrical charge and has been shown to release an anti-inflammatory drug on demand.

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Graphene Water Balloon Could Provide New Insights Into Illness At The Molecular Level

A graphene water balloon may soon open up new vistas for scientists seeking to understand health and disease at the most fundamental level.

Electron microscopes already provide amazingly clear images of samples just a few nanometers across. But if you want a good look at living tissue, look again.

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