Imaginenano 2013

ImagineNano 2013 ( is to be held from the 23rd to the 26th of April in Bilbao (Spain).

The second year of the event is expected to attract around 1500 participants and will provide some of the most insightful news on the current developments in graphene for those with a taste for investment.

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Manchester Celebrates New Graphene Discovery.

Researchers at The University of Manchester have demonstrated that graphene can be used as a building block to create new 3D crystal structures which are not confined by what nature can produce.

Sandwiching individual graphene sheets between insulating layers in order to produce electrical devices with unique new properties, the method could open up a new dimension of physics research.

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The discovery and uses of graphene

Video clip from the BBC Learning Zone. The video features Andre Geim who explains his investigations of the properties of this nanomaterial, which is the strongest material yet discovered and conducts electricity at an incredible speed. The potential for this material is discussed. First broadcast in the Learning Zone on BBC2 in May 2012 as part of the programme Materials: How They Work


Graphene Just Gets Better And Better.


Two recent findings in the world of graphene illustrate how graphene continues to be a subject worth following. Subjects in their infancy give rise to all kinds of interesting and unexpected discoveries, and in the case of graphene these discoveries occur with astonishing frequency. However, the two latest findings, one from the very birthplace of graphene science, Manchester University, and one from Tianjin University in China, show in different ways how the miracle material just gets better and better.

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Graphene Production And Global Patents.

This month’s newsletter contained the best article I have found on graphene production and global patents to date. Kindly offered for publication by Dr. Y. R. Mahajan the full version including tables and graphs can now be read here.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Mass Production of High Quality Graphene: An Analysis of Worldwide Patents

The article is well worth a read as it expertly describes the development and direction of global patents in the graphene industry. It provides an excellent springboard for deeper research into specific graphene companies and generally provides the kind of overview that could prove invaluable to potential investors.

The subject of graphene patents seems to be something of a hot topic at present, with recent articles in the Financial Times and New Scientist. Whilst concern over the inability of European countries to capitalize on their research has also been noted at Cabume, the article by Dr. Mahajan takes a less eurocentric view.

For those that may have stumbled upon the abridged version of the article at nanowerk I hope the full version present here will help to fill in some of the gaps.