XG Sciences and POSCO To Profit From Air Force Contract For Graphene Capacitors.


XG Sciences, a privately owned corporation based in Michigan, has announced it has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop ultra high-energy graphene ultracapacitors for use in space energy storage systems. XGSs’ graphene-based energy storage materials have demonstrated significant increases in storage capacity over traditional activated carbon and are manufactured in a commercially-proven, environmentally friendly, low-cost process.

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Arkansas Scientists Control Graphene With Strain

Left, an atomic force microscope image of the suspended graphene membrane on the copper mesh. On the right, a scanning tunneling microscope image with atomic resolution taken on the suspended graphene membrane. The researchers were able to use the scanning tunneling microscope to control the shape, and therefore the electronic properties, of the graphene membrane. Courtesy image.

Graphene could be the superhero of materials – it’s light, strong and conducts heat and electricity effectively, which makes it a great material for potential use in all kinds of electronics. And because it’s made from carbon atoms, graphene is cheap and plentiful. Its electric and mechanical properties also affect one another in unique ways. But before freestanding graphene can live up to its potential, scientists need to be able to control these properties.

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Fortune Graphite Seeks Funding Partner For Further Exploration


TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 02, 2012) – Fortune Graphite Inc. (FRANKFURT: ZTWN) is seeking a joint venture partnership to complete a full exploration and drilling program on the Superior Group of graphite carbon mineral claims.

Fortune Graphite Inc. acquired the Superior Group of graphite carbon mineral claims for 1.5 million dollars (CDN) in 2011 and is the legal and registered owner of a total of approximately 5,720 hectares containing graphite carbon. The graphite property is located in the Slocan Mining Division of British Columbia, Canada.

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Northern Graphite Consolidates Position With Spherical Graphite

The following press release may be of interest to those invested in or considering investing in Northern Graphite.

TTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 02, 2012) – Northern Graphite Corporation (TSX VENTURE: NGC)(OTCQX: NGPHF) is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully manufactured test quantities of spherical graphite from graphite concentrate produced from the Company’s 100% owned Bissett Creek deposit.

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First Graphene Processor Arrives Sooner Than Expected.


Digital Core Design, Polish design laboratories from Bytom have developed the world’s first processor made of graphene. BYT-ON – that’s the name of this breakthrough solution – contains an unique architecture, which allows to process all operations with speeds reaching up to 1/300 the speed of light. Furthermore, it features minimal power consumption, as little as 1 fA/MHz, so that the processor can work even for 3 months on a single battery charge. 

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