UK Government reveals £50 million graphene investment plan

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The UK government has finally revealed how the £50 million earmarked for investment in graphene will be spent. The pledge of investment was made towards the end of last year as a way to secure the UK as a hub of excellence in graphene research. However, until now the exact spending plans had not been revealed, leaving potential investors nonplussed as to where the bulk of the money would go. The spending plans announced also give details of additional funding strands that could be made available for graphene research and engineering.

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Graphene and Gold DNA sensor leads the way in Nanomedicine.



The world of nanomedicine has recently moved one step closer to helping cure some of the most intractable diseases and conditions. Researchers from India and South Korea have synthesized a graphene-based, gold-nanoparticle-covered sensor that is capable of detecting minute traces of DNA. The device paves the way for improving the detection of DNA sequences linked to various genetic diseases.

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