Zipped Graphene Nanotubes

twisted nanoribbons

Roll Up Roll Up, in the world of graphene shares there can be no more apt an answer to the problem of investment choice than to invest in two companies and form a merger, or Roll-up. But, before you close all your trades to invest in this new company , I should just say that the roll up news of the week is not one of take over and consolidation but something all together more interesting; the furling of graphene into carbon nanotubes.

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New Toxicology Fears From Graphene Nanoplatelets


As reported here several weeks ago the graphene investment story is not all plain sailing. Toxicology concerns have been expressed for some time and unfounded comparisons between the nanomaterial and asbestos have been suggested. Fears that graphene could potentially cause respiratory problems in people involved in the manufacturing process have been raised along with fears that the nano-sized particles could affect the food chain.      

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Graphene Production: Black Hole Or The Key To Commercial Success

Investors in business are always concerned about the potential return on investment and this remains as true within the graphene marketplace as it does within any other commercial venture. Before investing individuals and organisations want to know the level of risk and the potential rewards before they commit their money to an enterprise. In the graphene industry there are many unknowns that raise the level of risk but there is one key consideration that could unlock a lifetime of profit.

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